Gold Miners and NAV Net Asset Value you better know it

Gold Miners can be very volatile and these ETF’s may trade at a premium or discount to Net Asset Values check out chart for this month On Wednesday Miners soared. Gold was up Thursday and Friday but miners dropped WTF?

Look at the cart below to see why.

This is chart for March as you can see on Wednesday after close miners were trading at 2% premium odds are they would trade back closer to Net Asset Values

You  can find NAV with these links updated about 1 hour after  close.


3x Miners JDST and JNUG NAV  DUST and NUGT NAV

If you can get a Premium or Discount on the 3x  fund and also the matching index fund you have a good chance of making a good profit betting prices will return closer to NAV. Once you have a Asset Gap to trade look for your entry hopefully at open a even larger gap will develop wait for it to start to fade and place your trade if everything else is in your favor gold and NAV moving in your direction the gap will close quickly

Forecast for Mondays open

Jr Miners were up in the after market chances are they will rise premarket. Jr miners GDXJ closed with NAV of 36.13 a 15 cent premium   JDST had NAV of 14.73 8 cent discount  so we have a Premium plus a discount on the 3x easy profits here if gold is flat or down hope for gap up GDXJ and gold at open wait for gold and miners to start moving down buy JDST or short JNUG watch closely and take profits